Curly Tendrils Earrings



These dark olive green and orange earrings are handmade using crochet which is worked around a central Ringo Medium modme. The earrings are made using a crochet technique which forms a mass of curling tendrils. The bright colors and bold design results in eye catching contemporary jewelry.

These are big earrings – about 6cms at the longest and widest point. However they are so light, you won’t know your wearing them! The last photo give you an idea of the size of this style of earring.

The earrings are extremely lightweight and although they are large and striking, they are also comfortable to wear. The actual modme is made from high quality nylon and has a matte, slightly grainy surface. The cotton is a soft pink which is the perfect complement to the lime green center.

The ear wires are silver plated fish hook style earrings and the cotton I use is 100% Spanish cotton, spun in Seville.

I crochet the earrings to order and therefore I can change the color and design to create custom earrings for you – please get in touch using the contact form. Alternatively, why not buy a kit and make your own or to give as a gift.


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