Here are some FAQs. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, do get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help.

What are modmes?
The concept behind modme is to provide components which can be modified to create unique pieces of wearable art.

What are modmes made from?
Modmes are currently made from polyamide, however we’re exploring new material options all the time. Metal modmes including precious metals are planned for the not-so-distant future.

How are modmes made?
Modmes are designed by Kate, manufactured in small numbers in Europe, hand dyed by Kate and then dispatched to customers all over the world.

Why do you produce limited numbers?
We produce limited numbers of modmes because we want to keep offering a vibrant and dynamic range of modmes. We want to produce new designs every month. The best way to do this is to offer limited numbers. Remember to visit the site often or sign up to our newsletter for details of new releases.

How do I mod a modme?
Anyway you choose! There are no modme rules and you are encouraged to explore new ideas. We’ve modified modmes with crochet, knitting, macrame and even loom bands. You will find some patterns to get you started, however after that, it’s over to you!

What skills do I need?
If you are an experienced crafter you will have ideas for modding your modme and will be off and modding in no time. If you are a crafting newbie, we’ll show you how to make a crochet chain stitch and you’ll be surprised what you can create with this one super-simple stitch.

What equipment or tools do I need?
The equipment you will require depends on the method you are using. If you are crocheting you will require a crochet hook, if you are knitting you will require knitting needles etc. If you are a knitter and you don’t have a crochet hook, our kits come with a small hook to help you get the first row of stitches onto your needle. If you are a crocheter you will require a 2mm or smaller crochet hook.

What materials do I need?
This depends on how you are modding your modme. Check out the gallery and pattern sections as these show modmes which have been modded in different materials. When it comes to yarn, crochet cotton is a good alrounder, however stunning results can be achieved in hand-spun yarns, sock yarn, mohair and more. We’ve worked in leather cord, loom bands, ribbon and a variety of other materials. If you try something new we’d love to hear about it, remember to send us a photo! Tip: We’ve allowed a minimum space of 2mm on the modmes to work with (the gap between the modme body and the outer part), if you want to use materials that are thicker than this, work the first row using a thinner yarn and work the second row using thicker yarn.

How do I finish the modme?
The way you finished your modme will depend on how you want to wear it. If you are making a pair of earrings simply stitch a jump ring onto your modme or for a really quick finish, just hook your modme onto your earring hook. Check out our ‘How to finish your modme’ page for hints and tips.

Do I need to block a crocheted or knitted modme?
Well, no, you don’t need to block a crocheted or knitted modme, however the finished result will often look better if you do. What do we mean by blocking? This is simply a method of straightening out the stitches and stopping the crunched up look that crochet or knitting sometimes has after it has come straight off the hook. See our finishing page for detailed information.

I’m bored of my modme, can I redo it?
Yep, just rip it out and start again! This is the whole beauty of modmes, they take next to no time to create so you can make a pair of earrings to wear to work, rip them back at the end of the day and rework a completely different design to wear out at night!

Why is the surface of the modme slightly rough?
This is a beneficial feature of the production process we’ve chosen, giving an aesthetic that is a much more appealing effect than a shiny plasticy look. Also, it provides a rough surface for the yarn to grab, holding the stitches in place.

Why are modmes so light?
We have engineered modmes to be feather light and also very strong. We specifically want to make modmes as light as possible to open up as many modding opportunities as possible, so you can mod away without having to worry about the finished result being too heavy to wear with comfort. This is a particularly important consideration when making earrings.

I am getting married and would like modmes as my button hole, can you create monogrammed modmes?
Yes, just contact us for more information.

Can I sell items I have created with modmes?
Yes! We offer trade packs specifically for crafters who want to buy in bulk to make items to sell. Please get in touch for more information.

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