What is a modme?

modme is the idea baby of craft-boffin Kate Pullen. She has long had the idea for a type of jewelry component that will allow people to create their own wearable art. She has nurtured this tiny germ of an idea, using an unusual combination of day dreaming and cutting edge technology, to create what has become modme, a concept that has had a patent applied for.

Distilled to its simplest form, a modme is a jewelry component that can be used to add structural integrity to jewelry created using popular fiber crafting techniques, such as crochet and knitting. Beyond being purely structural, a modme may also be a decorative element that plays a key aesthetic role in the design of each piece of jewelry.

At launch, just a limited range of modme designs are available, but a much wider range of designs have already been prototyped and, with design development an ongoing process, many exciting and different modme designs will be made available as times goes on.

After being designed by Kate in her workshop in Spain, the selected designs are manufactured in Europe before being hand dyed by Kate ready for dispatch to customers around the world. The core range of modmes are produced in a strong and lightweight plastic, but short runs of precious metal modmes are also planned for future release.