How can a modme be used?

The possibilities for creating with modmes are arguably limited only by a maker’s imagination and the materials available. They’re ideal for working with crochet and many of the designs shown on have been produced using simple crochet stitches and various yarns.

Knitting fans also needn’t miss out on the fun, though the first row of foundation stitches attaching the work to the modme will require a crochet hook.

We’ve also seen some fun results produced by simply knotting fabric and ribbons onto modmes for super quick results with no crochet knowledge required at all. Interesting results have also been had using loom bands and we’ve even prototyped some designs for modding with cross stitch.

While we hope that many fiber crafters will create their own designs, we’ve got a selection of patterns that can be downloaded for free from and we’ll be expanding the selection on an ongoing basis. Free apps for Android and iOS devices are currently in development and users will be able to view our free patterns on their phone or tablet.