About modme

The possibilities for creating with modmes are arguably limited only by a maker’s imagination and the materials available. They’re ideal for working with crochet and many of the designs shown on modmestyle.com have been produced using simple crochet stitches and various yarns.

Knitting fans also needn’t miss out on the fun, though the first row of foundation stitches attaching the work to the modme will require a crochet hook.

We’ve also seen some fun results produced by simply knotting fabric and ribbons onto modmes for super quick results with no crochet knowledge required at all. Interesting results have also been had using loom bands and we’ve even prototyped some designs for modding with cross stitch.

While we hope that many fiber crafters will create their own designs, we’ve got a selection of patterns that can be downloaded for free from modmestyle.com/patterns and we’ll be expanding the selection on an ongoing basis. Free apps for Android and iOS devices are currently in development and users will be able to view our free patterns on their phone or tablet.

Key features

Feather-light – it was important when designing and prototyping modmes to ensure that they are as light as possible, so permitting crafters to mod their modmes using a variety of materials and still create jewelry which is not too heavy to wear. This is particularly important with earrings, and even very large modmes are feather-light thanks to a hollow design, so opening up a wide range of design opportunities.

Strong – feather-light doesn’t mean flimsy. Being designed for modification in a variety of ways, often using hooks to get started, it is important that each modme is sufficiently strong. Too illustrate their strength, the photo shows one of our smallest modmes easily supporting the weight of a 1kg (2.2lbs) bag of flour. It’s strong flour too and yet still no match for a little modme!

Texture – modmes are matte and have a slightly grainy feel. They do not look or feel like brittle shiny plastic, with the surface displaying a slightly velvet look or, perhaps, a look reminiscent of fine concrete, depending on your view point! Additionally, the surface offers grip so that stitches are held in place, meaning crafters can create lacy designs without worrying about the stitches sliding to the bottom of the modme.